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Provisional Agenda
Draft Declaration
Provisional Annotated Agenda and Timetable
Provisional List of Documents
Water for Agriculture and Energy in Africa: Introduction to Thematic Sessions
Irrigation Projections for 2030-2050
Regional Views for Investment in Water for Agriculture and Energy in Africa
Map of Water for Agriculture and Energy in Africa
National Investment Briefs for Africa
Water for Agriculture in Africa: Resources and Challenges in the Context of Climate Change
Hydropower Resources Assessment in Africa
Saving Lake Chad
Partnership for Financing Water for Agriculture and Energy in Africa

COUNTRY BRIEFS !!! updated April 2009


fotoThe National Investment Briefs (NIBs) provide an overview of the situation in each African country in relation to the context of:
- agriculture and food security,
- water resources and hydropower, and
- climate change.

Estimated investment needs in water for agriculture and energy in the short, medium and long terms, based on NEPAD-CAADP and other investment projections are also presented.

The preparation of the NIBs is the result of close collaboration between FAO and all partner institutions as well as National Governments.

ALL Briefs are in their most recent updated DRAFT based on feedback received from National Authorities in Africa after the Sirte Conference.



The Conference aims at unlocking the potential of water for development in Africa. In particular, it aims at:

  • assessing the challenges faced by the agricultural sector, in view of the current food crisis in Africa taking into account the strong linkages with energy and climate change;
  • carefully examining how investment in the rural space can reverse trends to obtain well balanced sub-sectors that offset production risks, close food production gaps and ensure food security;
  • analysing bottlenecks and constraints to accelerated water development in support of the continent's food and energy needs; and
  • proposing ways to promote and secure investment in water to maintain food and energy security in the region.

Country Regional Workshops

The Southern Africa workshop, held last 13-14 November in Gaborone, Botswana, closed the round of regional meetings organized in preparation for the Conference. The five workshops run for two days and offered an opportunity for country representatives from the three ministries of Agriculture, Water, and Energy as well as the civil society and other organizations, to meet and work on the Investment Portfolios by country and region, putting together draft views on regional challenges and the responses needed in terms of water investments.

"L'Afrique Centrale prépare la Conférence de Sirte"
La Nouvelle Expression (Cameroon) - Press Release

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Water for Agriculture and Energy
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