How Will Africa Be Able to Adapt in Climate Change

Floods, droughts, a rise in sea level, don’t be shocked that you are not watching the movie “2012” nope; this is not the regular news that is happening in Asia either, this indeed happened in the continent of Africa recently. They are indeed a clear proof that Africa has been more exposed to climate change than any other continents in the world are.

A village in the Draa Valley, between Marrakech and the Sahara Desert

A village in the Draa Valley, between Marrakech and the Sahara Desert

According to Idah Pswarayi-Riddihough of World Bank, fifteen years ago during the year two thousand, there is an estimate of five hundred fifty million dollars worth of downside on impact on the Gross Domestic Product due to the flooding in Mozambique. Thanks to World Bank, they were able to lay out a plan in order for Africa to adapt on these changes in climates. With adaptation as the main goal of the plans of World Bank, which specifically includes, but are not just limited to proper weather forecast, use of clean energy resources, flood controls by the government and livelihood programs that will promote use of ozone friendly materials? Perhaps, this plans of World Bank will produced a long term effect of combating Climate Change in Africa.

The said plan of World Bank hasn’t stayed there as a plan at all, in fact, since the beginning of year 2006, an investment of amounting to at least seven billion dollar has already been in placed in order to begin the first stage of the program. A Disaster Risk Management program have also been drafted for the approval of National Governments with countries like Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Mali, Malawi, Mozambique, Senegal and Togo being the main focus of the said plans.
Pswarayi-Riddihough also added that though there are already been proven success with the program, the key here are more additional findings from different sectors. Once all the key components here are met, and this program continues, we will be able to see a much improved and new Africa, in the near future.

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